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Spa Packages 


The Queen Bee

Honey you'll love this relaxing package. Skin is dry brushed to exfoliate the skin and increase blood circulation. Warm honey is then applied and massage onto the body followed by warm steamed towels to remove excess so that you don't end up sticky. Honey is widely used for removal of toxins, lymphatic flow and its soothing and rejuvenating effects.

60 Minutes $120


Ohh Baby Baby 

Pregnancy can be an exciting time in our lives with that comes the hormonal and physical changes of gestation. This package will address the specific needs of the Mom to be and leave her feeling relaxed and divine. The therapist will prep mom-to-be by starting with an Herbal foot bath that will manage swelling and decrease tension in the feet. While your feet soak you will receive a wonder Indian Head massage followed by our full body nurturing Prenatal massage. 

90 Minutes $130


Baby Blues

We too as mother's have experienced the adjustments of motherhood and want you to know that it's okay to press pause sometimes. This is a wonderful package that will take you to your happy place. This session will begin with some gentle stretching that will increase your range of motion and flexibility. The therapist will then give you a therapeutic massage which will promote detoxification, blood circulation and tension release. The session will end with deep heat foot treatment. This will surely leave you feeling uplifted!

60 Minutes $130


Golden Goddess

Reclaim your throne with this treatment. You will receive a lavender herbal foot bath, a body glow that will gently exfoliate any dead skin leaving skin smooth and renewed. A warm lavender almond oil will be used as you recieve the massage of your choice. The session will end on a lovely note as your feet will be wrapped in warm towels before receiving a deep heat treatment and a mini reflexology session. Now go forth my Goddess!

120 Minutes $200





These packages are safe for women that are expecting.


All essential oils are certified therapeutic grade.


Please make your therapist aware of any sensitivities to scents and allergies.


All essential oils in maternity packages are safe to use while pregnant.


Sugar scrubs are applied lightly for skin texture can be more delicate during pregnancy.

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